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Want to own your own Cream Curls franchise?

Thai-pan ice cream is the next big thing in the UK and Cream Curls were one of the first companies to introduce it. As a result we are now quickly establishing ourselves as the primary ice cream curl company. Owning a Cream Curls franchise is an exciting and rewarding way to join the pan fried ice cream revolution.

To get the amazing Cream Curl taste we have today, wasn’t an overnight discovery – The design, products, & branding the brainchild of our MD Arafat Rashid, it took a lot of time and a whole lot of mess! But all that cream & milk wasn’t wasted for nothing, without it we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today. Through trial and error we have found the perfect selection of flavours, which you can choose from to create a Cream Curl that tastes just right for you.

In April 2018 we opened our first branch in Newcastle Heaton, a small start with an 8 seater outlet specialising in our popular products and mainly take out. This unit has undergone a recent upgrade and now covers all products and has been renamed Cream Curls Heaton Express.

The enormous success of this venture saw us opening our second outlet in South Shields a 40-50 seater former restaurant which has been a great success. Our first franchise opened in Washington in late January 2019 soon followed by our 4th Outlet in Newcastle City Centre with a totally different customer base. Another franchise in Ashington Northumberland opened on the 20th July and we are due to open in Scotland within the next few weeks.

Cream Curls is strategizing to grow across the UK and internationally over the next few years.

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