Become an Ice Cream Designer

Why is the Cream Curls franchise so unique? Because it’s the only handcrafted ice cream roll franchise in the UK! Who doesn’t love ice cream with a twist?!..

For many people, owning and running a successful business is nothing but a dream. But, with our exciting new franchise opportunity on the rise, we can make your dream a reality.

Over 1 billion sweet treats are consumed every year, and that’s just in the U.K alone! Sales in dessert parlours and sweet bakeries have increased over the past 5 years by almost 10%…. pretty sweet!

WHy a Cream Curls Franchise?

Here at Cream Curls we specialise in the traditional technique of Thai pan rolled ice cream, and we have travelled the globe to see how it’s really done! We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world, which is why we decided to bring this amazing experience to the UK. Cream Curls wasn’t just an overnight discovery, to get the unique cream curl taste we have today took a lot of time and a whole lot of a mess! But, all that cream wasn’t wasted for nothing as without it we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The art and the theatre alone is why our customers keep coming back for more. The consumer is in control of designing their very own ice cream rolls by choosing from more than 60 flavours, mixing and matching them. Which franchise is so fun and exciting where it lets the consumer pick and choose?

Our fast-food dessert parlours are designed and decorated with a retro American diner theme, and are versatile to whatever environment they’re developed in, giving each and every one of our branches its own unique look!

Now, we’re giving you the opportunity to join our cream curls family, share our unique flavours and crazy creations with the world, and start getting your ice cream, rolled out in style!


SIZE: 4m(w) x 3m(d)
SETUP PRICE: From £35,000 + VAT

Main concept is a state of the art ice cream roll kiosk situated in a prime location in either a shopping centre, airport or train station..


SIZE: 400-600m²
SEATS: 10-12
SETUP PRICE: From £60,000 + VAT

Main concept is unique fast food dessert take out. Secondary locality with convenient parking, preferable good passing foot fall, high street location


SIZE: 1200-2000m²
SEATS: 50-100
SETUP PRICE: From £95,000 + VAT

The original Cream curls dessert parlour with our retro American theme, unique, playful and vibrant colour scheme, ideal for secondary locality with convenient parking, preferable good passing foot fall, high street location

"We don't just supply the milk and cream. We will support you through every step of your franchise journey with Cream Curls!"

Starting out

We will support you with lease negotiation, market research on your proposed location, architecture and design of your shop along with complete supply chain and logistics for your entire shop fit – including machines, equipment and fixtures/fittings.


You will have access and use of our system for your entire recruitment and training process. We will provide in-house training to all staff members, giving you only the best team from all the cream. High level management training for your store managers, so they are equipped to run a busy and successful shop.


Cream Curls will provide you will all your marketing needs including an award-winning dedicated social media strategy, driving a regular flow of customers to your store. Along with high quality custom graphics for your shop windows and interactive displays.

Proven System

Our brand stands out because it is fun, friendly and inviting. This is attributed to our huge success in such a short space of time. It’s not just about Handcrafted Ice Cream Rolls or sweet treats but the whole entire Cream Curls Experience!

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