Try one of our new Ice Cream burgers, fresh sweet brioche rolls filled with ice cream and toppings.

About Us

Our Story

To get the amazing Cream Curl taste we have today, wasn’t an overnight discovery – it took a lot of time and a whole lot of mess! But all that cream & milk wasn’t wasted for nothing, without it we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today. Through trial and error we have found the perfect selection of flavours, which you can choose from to create a Cream Curl that tastes just right for you.

Rolled ice cream has many different names around the world, Thai-rolled ice cream, stir fried ice cream, stir-fried gelato. Here at Cream Curls we simply call it Delicious!

photograph of small Cream Curls shop, door is open, 3 banners outside

the words Our first store with curly arrow pointing to the image of the store

the words chilled to -30degrees next to a curly arrow pointing to the image of a curl being made.

The Technique

Firstly we take our special cream & milk mixture and pour it onto a freezing plate which instantly starts creating delicious ice cream. Our highly skilled 'cream technician' then chops, blends, spreads and shapes the mixture along with your chosen ingredients until it is a perfectly formed sheet of delicious ice cream. It is then skillfully and carefully rolled into our famous cream curls.

We're not done yet though, once rolled we add your choice of sprinkles, toppings and sauce before presenting your own special desert.

How you eat it, well that's upto you!

close up of technician chopping ice cream with a small glass of cream

Where we are today

SInce that first store we've opened 6 more and have another 2 in Durham and Hartlepool due to open by Spring. We're not just in the North East but are spreading rapidly to Scotland and further South with many more company owned & franchise locations being considered.

Our menu has evolved to also incorporate a range of delicious desserts, waffles, crepes and cookie dough as well as thick creamy milk shakes in every flavour imaginable. Many of our stores also incorporate a Burger Joint, serving delicious hot food, Beef, Chicken and Veggie burgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos and wedges. We're not stopping though, we're regularly reviewing our menu and adding new and exciting items so watch this space!

empty store showing tables, chairs with a large logo on the wall made up of the words Burger Joint inside an outline of a burger bun

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